Natural Disasters Formative
by Dara Kappel
| 3 Questions
Note from the author:
Formative Hurricane Sandy Vocabulary
What is the meaning of the word “donors” as it is used on page 13?
A - people who have internet
B - people who survived a disaster
C - people who lost something in a disaster
D - people who give money or items to those in need
Which two quotes from the story best support the answer to Part A?
A - “In February, she made a Facebook page called Survivors’ Silver Lining.”
B - “One boy got a new Nook.”
C - “Ariel posted information about a 9-year-old boy named Patrick who’d lost his Lego collection when his house burned down.”
D - Within days, the Legos had been replaced.”
Write one or more additional quotes from the text that support(s) the answer to Part A. Do not use the answer choices from Part B.
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