Civics impact unit 1st grade
by Melissa Minter
| 12 Questions
You must write a report on citizenship. Who is the best person to ask to help you find information?
A) Another student in class
B) Your parents
C) The school librarian
D) The principal
You are studying Virginia's symbols. Where is the best place to start your online research?
A) Google
B) Clever
C) Wikipedia
D) Yahoo
You need to find facts about Virginia's state bird. What are the best tools to use?
A) Dictionary and fiction books
B) Clever and biographies
C) Nonfiction books and fiction books
D) Nonfiction books and Clever
You are writing a report about patriotism. Which book should you use to find facts for your report?
A) A nonfiction book
B) A fiction book
You are assigned a civics project. Where should you begin your research?
A) A social studies website
B) A television show
C) A magazine
D) A fiction book
You want to learn more about voting. Which of these would be the best place to get information on your topic?
A) A biography
B) A nonfiction book
C) A fiction book
You need to write a report about U.S. customs and traditions. Which questions will help you find information for your report?
A) What is the typical climate in the U.S.?
B) What is the population of the U.S.?
C) What plants and animals are native to the U.S.
D) What national holidays are celebrated in the U.S.
When writing a report, what is the best order of steps to follow?
A) Find information, write your paper, choose a subject
B) Write your paper, choose a subject, find information
C) Choose a subject, find information, write your paper
You are looking for information to answer the following question: How can people contribute to the community. Which of the following facts will help you write your response?
A) Picking up trash on the beach keeps our community clean.
B) Elderly people enjoy spending time with dogs.
C) Cats can cheer people up.
You need to find out what is the state tree of Virginia. What is the best website to use?
A) A website about the state of Virginia
B) A website about the United States
C) A website about trees
D) A website about states
The teacher asks you to find out about Virginia's state flag. Where is the best place to look?
A) Youtube
B) United States website
C) Virginia state website
D) Social media (Facebook)
You visited Virginia's state capitol builing and you want to read a book about it, but the library doesn't have one. What other book could you check out?
A) A book about the United States
B) A book about famous landmarks in Virginia
C) A book about West Virginia
D) A book about rivers in Virginia
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