Adding and Subtracting Decimals
by Margaret Twitty
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
Ms. Richardson bought six 2-gallon containers of iced tea at Bojangles for her tailgating party. Her guests drank 7.75 gallons of the iced tea. How much iced tea does she have left?
For a science assignment, Mary had to compare the weight of two objects - a paper clip and a plastic block. The paper clip weighed 0.92 grams and the plastic block weighed 1.7 grams. How much more does the block weigh than the paper weight?
To visit his grandmother, Luis takes a train 6.37 kilometers and a car 5.9 kilometers. How far is Luis’s total journey?
Jerry set a goal to run 16 miles during the school week. He ran 3.42 miles on Monday and 2.7 miles on Tuesday. How many miles does Jerry have left to run this week to meet his goal?
Sierra went to the store and spent $0.89 on a candy bar, $2.48 on yogurt, $4.98 on a pizza, and $2.79 on bread. If she pays with a $10 and a $5 bill, how much change will she receive?
Ms. Jamieson has two gold necklaces. Her white gold necklace is 16.4 inches long, and her yellow gold necklace is 18.26 inches long. How much longer is her yellow gold necklace than her white gold necklace?
Jason and his friends went out to dinner after their basketball game. Jason paid for the meal which included two pizzas for $18.99 each and three drinks for $1.75 each. What was the total amount Jason paid for the meal?
Ms. Jamieson is saving her money to buy a pair of boots to wear to the football game at the end of the month. The boots cost $69.99. The first week she saved $12.75. The second week she saved $16.50, and the third week she saved $21.75. How much money does Ms. Jamieson need to save the fourth week in order to have enough money to buy her boots?
The tallest tree among the redwoods in the California forests measures 379.7 feet. The tallest tree among the mountain-ash species of Australia stands at 326.77 feet. What is the difference in height between the two trees?
In Charlotte, it rained every weekend in July. The first weekend it rained 1.05 inches, the second weekend 2.3 inches, the third weekend 1.73 inches and the fourth weekend 0.88 inches. What was the total rainfall in July?
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