English III Rhetoric Formative Assessment
by Savannah Windham
| 11 Questions
Note from the author:
NHS English III Rhetoric Common Assessment
1 pt
Consider the passage that follows.

“The truth is, there are so few ways to engage in capitalism and walk away with an unscathed conscience. By way of our own need for survival and/or entertainment, most of us take part in, or are complicit in cycles of harm and oppression. This is the current standard of life in America, and sneakers are no different. For sneakers, the marketing hasn’t changed in who it targets, or how it targets them. The idea of the sneaker as something that allows you to become a better, more confident you is still firmly in place, and the you is often black, young, sometimes poor.”

From the following choices, select the group of key words and phrases which best communicates Abdurraqib’s appeal to logos.
Unscathed, confident, firmly in place
Complicit, survival, standard of life
Capitalism, marketing, idea of the sneaker
Walk away, cycle of harm, how it targets
1 pt
Which statement best expresses the message of “Sneakers through the Looking Glass”?
Buy Kevin Hart’s new signature Nike shoes.
Hanif Abdurraqib is #sorrynotsorry for purchasing expensive sneakers.
You should personally reflect about your identity and your consumerism.
Down with capitalism! Up with democratic socialism!
1 pt
What is the central idea of the text? Support your answer with two pieces of textual evidence.

1 pt
How does the opening paragraph characterize the speaker?
It characterizes the speaker as materialistic and shallow.
It characterizes the speaker as hard-working and appreciative.
It characterizes the speaker as liberating and complete.
It characterizes the speaker as money-hungry and appealing.
1 pt
Which of the following quotes from paragraph two most strongly develops the author's appeal to emotion?
"Being black and coming of age in the '90s"
"Put on a pair of shoes that you saw on television"
"From the rap stars with unlaced low-top Adidas"
"A way to feel even, eye-to-eye with a world that did not want you."
1 pt
In paragraph 3, the author cites an example of Kevin Hart, Kanye West, and Drake "attain[ing] sneakers of their own." This example of celebrities marketing their own sneakers is an illustration of which of the following rhetorical appeals?
1 pt
The form of the selection is best described as:
fictional short story
nonfiction essay
political speech
1 pt
The word "unscathed" in the first sentence of page two most likely means:
1 pt
Which of the following best describes the purpose of the selection?
to persuade readers to buy Kevin Hart's new sneakers
to reflect on the importance of sneakers for the reader and for society
to inform the audience of the impact of capitalism on the sneaker industry
to educate readers on the history of sneakers and their cultural significance
1 pt
Which of the following best describes the text's intended audience?
people who appreciate sneakers
Kevin Hart fans
high school students
American historians
1 pt
Which of the following elements is missing from the rhetorical triangle diagram?
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