Night Vocabulary (pages 21-43)
by Yvette Arnold
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
Elie Wiesel
1 pt
Define constraint
The three year old child must be in a constraint when traveling in a car.
1 pt
Define provisions
She will send some provisions (sandwiches, drinks, blankets) with you when you go camping.
1 pt
Define hermetically
When I took Physics III in college, I found it to be hermetic.
1 pt
Define pestilential
The pestilential spots on the man's body were evidence he was extremely sick.
1 pt
Define notorious
The criminals Bonnie and Clyde are notorious for all the crimes they committed.
1 pt
Define devoid
She could not care less; she is devoid of emotion.
1 pt
Define monocle
The older man thought he looked intelligent because he wore a monocle in his left eye. However, he resembled a pirate with a glass patch.
1 pt
Define lucidity
The paper of cloud formation was confusing and disorganized; it lacked lucidity.
1 pt
Define convalescent
My grandmother was placed in a convalescent home after falling down the stairs.
1 pt
Define blandishments
The insincere man was guilty of always using blandishments when speaking to his boss. He wanted so desperately for his boss to like him
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