Night (Sections 2 and 3)
by Yvette Arnold
| 10 Questions
1 pt
To what did Wiesel compare the world?
A He compared it to a blind and deaf person.
B He compared it to a large hole in the ground.
C He compared it to a cattle wagon hermetically sealed.
D He compared it to the Bible story of the Jews in slavery in Egypt.
1 pt
What did Madame Sch├Ąchter see in her vision?
A She saw large open graves full of children.
B She saw a fire--a furnace, with huge flames.
C She saw row after row of empty houses.
D She saw the face of Hitler laughing at the entire world.
1 pt
Some of the young men tied Madame Sch├Ąchter up and gagged her. Then they hit her.
1 pt
What did the Jews in the train car discover when they looked out the window?
A They saw several large factories surrounded by barbed wire fences.
B They saw lines of soldiers with truncheons, ready to beat them as they got off.
C They saw flames gushing out of a tall chimney into the sky.
D They saw wagons full of dead bodies.

1 pt
What did Wiesel say about the travelers' illusions?
A They left their illusions in the ghetto in Sighet.
B They were still clinging to their illusions even though they gave up their possessions.
C They left their cherished objects and illusions behind on the train.
D Seeing the German soldiers made them give up their illusions.
1 pt
Which notorious SS officer did they meet at the concentration camp?
A They met Hitler himself.
B They met Eichman.
C They met General Kolomaye.
D They met Dr. Mengele.
1 pt
What was Elie's main thought as the men and women were being herded from the train?
A It was to stay with his father at all costs.
B It was to keep his faith in God.
C It was to stay alive and healthy.
D It was to be as brave as possible.
1 pt
The people were reciting the Kaddish, the prayer for the dead, for themselves.
1 pt
Elie beat up the gypsy who struck his father.
1 pt
Which statement is true?
A They went to Birkenau, then to Bergen-Belsen, then to Auschwitz.
B They stayed at Nuremberg for one month.
C They stayed at Galicia for six days, then went to Birkenau.
D They were at Auschwitz for about three weeks. Then they went to Buna.
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