Vocab TEST 1-4
by Gina Ciampanelli [Craig ES]
| 10 Questions
1 pt
My dinner did not have any taste. It was very ____________
A intense
B require
C bland
D sparse
1 pt
My dog is my best friend. He is my ___________________
A document
B oasi
C hazy
D companion
1 pt
The buildigs in New York City are skyscrapers. They are very ______________
A immense
B petrified
C negative
D solitary
1 pt
Getting suspended from school is a ____________ problem.
A minor
B seldom
C dedicate
D major
1 pt
When I ________________ from working I will sail around the world.
A require
B revert
C retire
D alternate
1 pt
I can barely see the sun through the clouds. It is a _____________day today.
A hazy
B crave
C visual
D suspend
1 pt
My plant was not watered all week . I thought for sure it would ______________ from lack of neutrients.
A petrify
B perish
C minor
D obsolete
1 pt
I almost never play Fortite during the school week. Choose the word the sentence describes.
A pardon
B seldom
C dedicate
D obsolete
1 pt
I need to learn by seeing the problem done several time. I am a ___________________ learner
A visual
B oasis
C document
D crave
1 pt
The wild racoon lives out in the ________________________.
A oasis
B wilderness
C solitary
D banquet
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