RL.1.3 Exit Ticket
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by Kim Solis
| 2 Questions
Note from the author:
Quick character traits exit ticket
Rachel's room was a disater zone. No matter how much her mother nagged her to clean her room,
Rachel always found some reason to put it off. Her desk at school was the same way and sometimes Rachel's
assignments were lost in her messy desk. Rachel had a hard time completing homework too. She just
never felt like working, but always was in the mood to play.
What is one trait that the main character displays in this short passage?
One day, Cassie decided to take a walk to check in on her neighbor, Mrs. Wilson. Mrs. Wilson has recently lost her
husband and Cassie worried that she might be lonely. Cassie brought Mrs. Wilson some flowers she had packed
from her garden and asked her if she'd like her leaves rakes that afternoon. Mrs. Wilson thanked her and brought
some cookies and milt out to the porch, where she and Cassie liked to chat.
What is one trait that Cassie displays in this short passage?
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