A Bigger Pond Q1 Fiction Assessment
by Elizabeth Rodriguez
| 6 Questions
Fill in the organizer to summarize the story.
Which of the following is the best summary of paragraph 21?
A After his dad taught him to fish with his new rod, Peter went to the new pond each week to fish while his parents walked around.
B Peter’s mom thought the new pond was even more beautiful than the old one.
C Peter rushed inside to hug his mother goodbye before rushing back outside and heading off to fish in the pond with his new fishing rod.
D It took a few weeks for Peter to get the hang of fishing with his new rod.
Which of the following is the most important detail to include in a summary of this passage?
A Peter’s mother was not eating her vegetables quickly.
B Peter didn’t walk to his new school.
C Peter and his parents were moving because Peter’s father got a new job.
D Peter’s dad put down his knife and fork and wiped his mouth slowly with a napkin.
Read the sentence from the story.

When the car was finally packed up, Peter waved farwell to his friends on the street for the last time.

What does the word farwell mean in this sentece?

How do you know what the word farwell means or why did you think that?
Fill in the chart below to show two connections you made while reading this story.
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