Bonne Annee
by Gail Sigelakis
| 12 Questions
Note from the author:
Boca Middle School
1 pt
Something that predominates
is the most common
changes around it
is usually borning
requires translation
1 pt
What is a coup?
and agreement between friends
a soccer strategy
a overthrow of a government
a yearly celebration
1 pt
Persecution is
a type of immigration.
a form of revolution or war.
a longstanding disagreement.
harsh treatment due to race or religion.
1 pt
What does dispossess mean?
to create a contract
to settle and argument
to deny ownership
to fail to win a race
1 pt
Something that is natal is related to a person’s
1 pt
The author’s family lives in New York instead of in Haiti because they
want their children to be able to speak English.
love the opportunities in the United States.
had to flee to avoid persecution by Haiti’s ruler.
do not feel connected to any particular country.
1 pt
The author does not remember living in Haiti because
it was unpleasant and he tried to forget.
he was very young when his family left.
he has always lived in New York.
no one in his family ever speaks of Haiti.
1 pt
What prevented Haitians from returning to Haite after "Papa Doc" Duvalier dies?
1 pt
Why is the World Cup soccer match shown at Madison Square Garden important to the author?
It is the first time that he has attended a soccer game.
Americans begin to like soccer after the match is shown.
Haiti is able to beat Italy for the first time.
For the first time, he feels proud to be from Haiti.
1 pt
January first is an important day for Haitians because it is
the celebration of Haitian independence.
fun to celebrate New Year’s Day.
the end of “Papa Doc” Duvalier’s rule in the country.
the day when prisoners are freed in Haiti.
2 pts
Irony is a contrast between what someone expects and what actually happens. Why is it ironic that
Papa Doc Duvalier died of natural causes? (remember to answer in complete sentences)
2 pts
What evidence suggests that the author feels more of a connection to Haiti as he grows older? Be sure to include textual evidence and complete sentences.
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