Parts of an Essay (Chunk & Check) #2 Summary
by Taketa Anderson
| 3 Questions
What is the purpose of the summary in a literary analysis paper?
Tells the reader every detail of the piece of literature the writer will discuss
Identifies the literary selection that the writer will discuss by offering a brief summary or
overview of the text
Provides the reader with textual evidence from the literary selection
Paraphrases the literary selection the writer will discuss in his or her paper
None of the answer choices is correct.
What should the summary of the essay be comprised of?
I. In a literary analysis essay, the T.A.G. sentence is where the Title, Author, and Genre of the literary selection are explicitly stated.
II. It uses direct quotes from the selection to support the topic under discussion.
III. It is meant to provide an overview of the selection or topic under discussion.
IV. It may be two, three, or four sentences in length or longer.
I only
I, II, and IV
III only
I, III, and IV

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According to the essay, all of the following sentences are a part of the summary of the essay EXCEPT:
After convincing Brutus to join him, they all plan their attack.
Shakespeare’s tragic play, Julius Caesar, demonstrates the consequences of honorable
leadership and the value of friendship.
Julius Caesar, the overbearing rule of Rome, becomes too powerful and too popular.
Cassius, cunning and power-hungry, decides to change this. He uses his shrewd and sly
manner to form a conspiracy to murder Julius Caesar.
Brutus best represents the warrior/hero, the lover, and the magician archetypes in Julius
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