Parts of an Essay (Chunk & Check) #1 Hook
by Taketa Anderson
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
Which of the following best describes the purpose of the hook of an essay?
Tells the reader what the essay will be about
Grabs the reader’s attention
Introduces details about the topic of the essay
Wraps up the important details the essay covered/discussed
None of the answer choices is correct.
An effective hook may do all of the follow EXCEPT:
Make use of an anecdote (brief story) for the purposes of drawing the reader in to the
Provide a smooth entrance into the topic of discussion
Offer a statistic related to the topic of the paper
Directly discuss the topic of the paper
Pose an interesting question
According to the essay, which of the following could best be characterized as the hook?
Could an overthrow of one man’s passion cause the decline of an entire nation?
Shakespeare’s tragic play, Julius Caesar, demonstrates the consequences of honorable
leadership and the value of friendship.

Julius Caesar, the overbearing rule of Rome, becomes too powerful and too popular.

Cassius, cunning and power-hungry, decides to change this
Brutus best represents the warrior/hero, the lover, and the magician archetypes in Julius
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Which of the following accurately describes the type of hook this essay uses?
a quotation
an anecdote
a question
song lyrics
a statistic
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How does this essay come full circle in the way that it is structured?
It begins with an anecdote and ends with a question.
It begins with a question and ends with an anecdote.
It begins with a question and ends with a quotation.
It begins with a question and ends with a question.
It begins with a quotation and ends with a quotation.
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