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Just as the Galactic Empire in Star Wars uses propaganda to gain support for destroying galaxies, NAZI Germany used propaganda to create an atmosphere tolerant of violence against Jews. NAZI propaganda also encouraged passivity and acceptance of laws against Jews, as these appeared to depict the Nazi government as stepping in and “restoring order.” Films, newspapers, schooling, and radio were ways the NAZI government administered their propaganda to the German public. German people believed in the NAZI propaganda for a multitude of reasons. Two major reasons were the Great Depression - no money to eat and live, and Germany defeat in WWI - caused low morale and confidence of being a German citizen. Jews were used as a scapegoat to blame for the loss of WWI and the destruction of the German economy.
As a class we will analyze two WWII NAZI propaganda posters against Jews. Read the background information on each poster before answering the questions. Then proceed to answer the questions that follow. We will do the first poster together.
Background Information: Nazi propaganda often portrayed Jews as engaged in a conspiracy to provoke war. Here, a man is being shown to stand behind the Allied powers flags (enemies of NAZI Germany). The caption at the bottom of the picture reads, "Behind the enemy powers: the Jew."
Who is the man standing behind the three Allied Flags portraying?
A . Adolf Hitler
B. NAZI Soldier
C. Jewish Citizen
D. Very Happy NAZI Enthusiast
How do you know this is the person you chose above?
How is this man being portrayed?
A. Sneaky
B. Corrupt
C. Wealthy
D. Scary
E. All the Above
How is he being portrayed this way?
What is the overall message of this poster?
A. The Allied powers are scared of Jewish people
B. A stereotypical Jew conspires behind the scenes to control the Allied powers war against Germany
C. Germans have secret spies within the Allied countries
D. Jews are going to lead the NAZIs to victory in WWII
. . . . . . .Okay move on . . . .
How does the image above support Hitler's idea that Jews were to blame for German defeat in WWI? Who does the person holding the knife portray? How do you know? Who is the soldier? What is the meaning behind this what the person holding the knife is doing to the soldier?
When you are done copy and paste the below link into a new internet tab and turn your handout over. Raise your hand so the teacher can come talk with you before proceeding.

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