Half Chicken Comprehension
by Shanna Struble
| 10 Questions
What problem does the mother hen have at the beginning of the story?
Her chicks litter the ranch with their empty shells
Most of her chicks have too many feathers
All the animals are saying mean things about her chick
Her chicks run loose while she is still hatching her last egg
All the ranch animals gather around the mother hen because _________
they want to help the chicks hatch
they want to see her strange half-check
they want to hear her grandmother's story
What makes Half-Chicken become very vain?
He hears he is famous in Mexico City
He is the center of attention on the ranch
He knows he is smarter than the other chicks
He has a gift for telling which way the wind blows
The reader can tell that Half-Chicken decides to go to Mexico City so he can ___________
see the Great Plaza
meet the palace cook
become a weather vane
show off how unique he is
Why does the stream ask Half-Chicken for help?
Fire is drying up the water.
Branches are blocking its way.
No one is stopping to swim and play
It needs to find the way to Mexico City
Why doesn't Half-Chicken stay and warm up by the fire?
He is afraid the fire will burn him.
He is in a hurry to get to Mexico City.
He knows the fire will soon go out again.
He doesn't feel cold because he has feathers.
Half-Chicken helps the wind by _________
fanning it with its wings
leading it to Mexico City
pointing the way it should go
untangling it from some bushes
The guard in front of the palace laughs because __________
he thinks Half-Chicken's voice sounds funny
he thinks the joke that Half-Chicken tells is funny
he things the viceroy would like to meet a chicken
he thinks that Half-Chicken belongs in the kitchen
What saves Half-Chicken from being cooked?
The viceroy asks to meet him.
Fire and water repay favors he did for them.
The ladies-in-waiting play a joke on the cook.
The cook feels sorry for him and turns off the fire
What is the story mainly about?
What makes the wind blow
Why chickens never do favors
How weather vanes came to be
How chickens got their feathers
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