Pearl Harbor DBQ
by Dan Szablewski
| 10 Questions
1 pt
DOCUMENT A- How does this document describe American and European civilizations?
1 pt
DOCUMENT A- The 3rd bullet refers to Manchuria as Japan’s “reservoir” and East Asia (China) as its “paddy field.” What do you think Japan plans on acquiring from its “reservoir” and “paddy field?” Does this quote support Japan having a lot of resources on its own? Yes or no?
1 pt
DOCUMENT B- In what year did Japan begin its occupation of China outside of Manchuria?
1 pt
DOCUMENT B- If Japan was interested in seizing oil fields, what islands might they invade?
1 pt
DOCUMENT C- What evidence is there in 1939 that the United States did not like the “new order” established by Japan?
1 pt
DOCUMENT C- In August 1941, the United States “froze” all Japanese assets and bank accounts. What do you think that means?
1 pt
DOCUMENT D- What percentage of Japanese oil came from the United States in 1939? (Help: Divide U.S. petroleum by Total petroleum from that year and multiply your answer by 100)
1 pt
DOCUMENT D- Why would the Japanese military need oil? What would oil help them out with?
1 pt
DOCUMENT E- Based on Tojo’s speech, what do you think the United States wants Japan to do with its troops in China?
1 pt
DOCUMENT E- According to Tojo, what will happen to the US navy over the next few years?
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