Social Studies - Chapter 10 Test
by Amy Meier
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Note from the author:
Chapter 10 test - Scott Foresman - Social Studies - The United States
What did states hope to gain under the Articles of Confederation?
A a strong, central govermment
B freedom, independence, and a firm league of friendship
C a powerful government
D a strong court system
Which of the following BEST describes the government under the Articles of Confederation?
A Congress collected enough money to run the government.
B The judicial branch interpreted the laws.
C Congress could not pass laws to collect taxes.
D The legislative branch enforced the laws
What was one weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
A The government had only one branch.
B Each state paid taxes.
C Laws could not be made.
D Each state had one vote.
What caused Shays' Rebellion?
A Massachusetts had the power to tax its citizens.
B Massachusetts needed to pay its debts.
C Daniel Shays was an angry farmer.
D Massachusetts property taxes were hard on farmers.
Which of the following was ordered by the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
A divide the territory into smaller territories
B make the territory into four states
C make the territory into one state
D make the entire territory equal to the other states.
Which of the following did NOT apply to the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
A The Northwest Territory had to be divided into smaller territories.
B The Northwest Territory would automatically become a state.
C A governor and judges were named to govern the territory.
D Slavery was prohibited in the Northwest Territory.
What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention?
A make laws to stop dissenters
B make a trade plan with Europe
C revise the Articles of Confederation
D elect a leader of the Confederation
Which point in the Virginia Plan was objected to by suppoters of the New Jersey Plan?
A Larger states should have more representatives in Congress.
B Congress requires greater power.
C The government needs an executive branch.
D The government needs a legislative branch.
Which of the following does NOT describe the Great Compromise?
A equal representation in the Senate
B representation based on population in the House of Representatives
C a Congress made up of two houses
D enslaved people counted in state populations
What was the outcome of the Consitutional Convention?
A Compromises were proposed.
B The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.
C The Articles of Confederation were amended.
D Trade with Europe was established.
Which of the following goals is stated in the Preamble of the Constitution?
A to protect the people's liberty
B to provide equality for all
C to protect the people's health
D to provide an education for all
Which of the following is NOT a major goal of the Constitution?
A to defend the nation
B to control all laws in the states
C to ensure peace
D to establish justice
Which group wanted a strong national government, like that set forth in the Constitution?
A Antifederalists
B Colonists
C Federalists
D Constitutionalists
Which of the following BEST describes Antifederalists?
A people who were happy with the Constitution
B people who wanted more power
C people who wanted government to have more power
D people who were unhappy with the Constitution
Which of the following BEST describes the Bill of Rights?
A list of the men who signed the Constitution
B list of rights and wrongs as spelled out in the Constitution
C ten Constitutional amendments specifying freedoms
D list of laws governed by each state
What happened when Congress pledged to add the Bill of Rights to the Constitution?
A Protests and uprisings occurred in many states.
B Many states refused to sign the Constitution.
C Many people moved away so it wouldn't effect them.
D Many states signed the Constitution.
How did Benjamin Frankllin describe the government under the Constitution?
A "A republic, if you can keep it."
B "that precious depository of American happiness."
C "First in war, first in peace."
D "If men were angels, no government would be necessary."
Draw Conclusions: Why did the delgates draft a new plan instead of revising the Articles of Confederation? Use details from your text to support your answer.
Draw Conclusions: Who were the authors of the Federalist essays AND what were they trying to acheive?
Draw Conclusions: What was the underlying reason that many states wanted the Bill of Rights to be part of the Constitution? Use evidence from your text to support your answers.
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