Future perfect & future continuous 2
by Citra Sonneveld
| 8 Questions
Read the story. Use the correct for of the verb between brackets. Use either future perfect or future continuous.

Sir Thomas will leave his home at 1 o’clock. He is will arrive 3 o'clock tomorrow. When Sir Thomas arrives, the servants will be waiting. Young Charlie will also be waiting at the door.
When Sir Thomas walks into the house, most of the servants are bowing. One servant will be parking the car. Others are going to be preparing dinner. Charlie is going to be carrying Sir Thomas's suitcase into the house. Then, Sir Thomas is going to have dinner.
1 pt
Sir Thomas ______________ (travel) at 2 o’clock tomorrow.
1 pt
Sir Thomas ______________ (arrive) at 4 o’clock tomorrow.
1 pt
The servants _____________ (wait) for Sir Thomas at 3 o ‘clock.
1 pt
One servant ______________ (park) the car when Sir Thomas is eating dinner.
1 pt
Young Charlie _______________ (carry) Sir Thomas’ suitcase when Sir Thomas arrives.
1 pt
The servants ______________ (bow) when Sir Thomas walks into the house.
1 pt
The servants _______________ (prepare) dinner when Sir Thomas arrives at the house.
1 pt
The servants _______________ (prepare) dinner by the time Sir Thomas is going to eat dinner.
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