Weedflower Ch. 1
by Shelley Coulombe
| 7 Questions
After reading the list about what it felt like to be lonely, how would you describe the way
Sumiko expressed herself? (pg. 1)
Why is Sumiko excited about the birthday party invitation? (pg. 3)
Marsha Melrose, the girl who is having the birthday party, is Sumiko's best friend.
This was the first class party she had ever been invited to.
This is a trick question. She is not excited and does not plan to attend the party.
Birthday cake is Sumiko's favorite thing to eat.
“Local flower farmers called flowers grown in the field kusabana- “weedflowers.” Stock were
weedflowers that emanated an amazing clovelike fragrance. Of all the flowers her family had
ever grown, Sumiko loved them most.” (Kadohota 5).

How do you think this description of weedflowers will connect to the title of the book?
Why was the farm put in cousin Ichiro’s name? (pg. 6) Check off all true answers that RELATE to this question.
Uncle and Jichan had both been born in Japan.
People born in Asia were not allowed to become American citizens.
People who were not American citizens were not allowed to own or lease land.
Ichiro was born in the United States and therefore was an American citizen.
“Sometimes Sumiko slipped a #1 flower into the splits because she felt sorry for the poor dead
people who were getting defective flowers” (Kadohota 9).

What do Sumiko’s actions say about her?
Why was it important for Sumiko to work on the family farm after her parents died? (pg. 9-10)

*Check off all correct answers.
She has perfect hands for grading flowers and is the only one in the family allowed to do this. Her work is essential to the farm.
Her aunt and uncle said she could only live on the farm if she promised to work every single day.
Although her aunt and uncle never asked her to work, she was afraid of being sent to an orphanage. She started working from the beginning and never stopped.
Sumiko is very antsy and restless when she doesn't have anything to do. It's best that she works and keeps herself occupied so that she doesn't annoy the rest of the family.
Choose one image from the chapter to illustrate. Provide a caption (one sentence that describes the image).
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