Cell Structure Part 1 Mini Lab
by John Lundy
| 15 Questions
Note from the author:
A short lab to expose students to the use of both compound light microscopes and how scientists first learned about cells
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After watching the above Videos, acquire a box of prepared slides from your teacher.
Then, use the traditional light microscope to observe 5 slides. Draw what you see in the questions below. Make sure to provide the specimens name.
Feel free to draw what you see on a peace of paper then take a picture and upload the image.
1 pt
Specimen 1
1 pt
Specimen 2
1 pt
Specimen 3
1 pt
Specimen 4
1 pt
Specimen 5
Next, Use the micro Lenses for your cell phone to observe 5 other specimens. Use your phone to take pictures and then upload them to the questions below. Observe the same specimen that you did the first time for comparison.
The outlined content above was added from outside of Formative.
1 pt
Specimen 1
1 pt
Specimen 6
1 pt
Specimen 7
1 pt
Specimen 8
1 pt
Specimen 9
2 pts
Did your observations support the cell theory? Explain
1pt) 3 parts of cell theory are stated
1pt) Observations are clearly connected to either supporting or invalidating the cell theory

3 pts
Make a table that lists the names of each of your 9 specimens in one column. Then is the second Colum state weather or not they are Prokaryotes or Eukaryotic. Paste a picture of your table below.

1pt) the table is organized

1pt) all 9 specimens are listed

1pt) all 9 specimens are correctly classified
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