Margaret Knight, Inventor
by Erin Scagnelli
| 10 Questions
The author organizes the article by
comparing famous inventors.
explaining the effects of each invention.
telling the important events of Knight's life in order.
explaining the problems she had with each invention.
Which sentence BEST explains the MAIN idea of this article?
Margaret Knight began inventing at an early age.
Margaret Knight was a famous inventor who created over 80 inventions.
Margaret Knight designed a machine that could make paper bags cheaply.
Margaret Knight started a company called the Eastern Paper Bag Company.
Read this sentence from the article.
"She was an unusual young girl, and she loved building things."
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word unusual as used in the sentence above?
At the beginning of the article, why does the author tell the reader that Margaret saw a bad accident in the cotton mill?
to describe the tool used to shut off the machine
to compare the working conditions in cotton mills
to explain why she would not work in a cotton mill
to explain that she was a talented inventor at a young age
What was special about Knight's paper bag?
It held more items and was easy to carry.
It looked like an envelope and would lie flat.
It had a bottom and would stand up by itself.
It was made with less paper and did not need glue.
Which part of the article provides the best information about the tool Knight created for the cotton mill?
"Early Ideas"
"More Inventions"
"The Paper Bag Business"
"The Paper Bag and the Villain"
The illustration is important to the article because it shows
how to make a paper bag machine.
how the paper bag machine folds a bag.
what Knight's paper bag machine looks like.
why Annan thought he invented the machine.
Read this sentence from the article.
"In 1868, Knight was working in a plant that made flat paper bags."
What does plant mean as used in the sentence above?
to put down firmly
to place in the ground
something hidden on purpose
a place where things are made
Which sentence from the article BEST explains the author's point of view of Margaret Knight?
Margaret Knight was born in 1838 in Maine.
After she made the machine, she applied for a patent.
Next, Knight set up a company called the Eastern Paper Bag Company.
Even though Margaret Knight is not well known, she was an important inventor.
Read this sentence from the story.
"Perhaps not, but she was actually one of the invention giants of her day."
Why does the author call Margaret Knight a "giant"?
She invented very large bags.
She invented very large machines.
Her inventions were very important.
Her inventions were always large in size.
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