Bill of Rights Quiz 2019
by Joanna Daehling-Nelson
| 11 Questions
Note from the author:
Bill of Rights TCI L. 10 Quiz
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What are the first 10 amendments to the Consitution called?
A The 10 Commandments
B The Bill of Rights
C The Declaration of Independence
D The Consittution
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Which amendment provides freedom of speech, assembly, petition, press, religion?
A Amendment #2 Right to keep and bear arms
B Amendment #8 Bail and Punishment
C Amendment #1 Freedoms
D #5 Rights of the accused
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What amendment deals with a citizens right to "keep and bear arms" shall not be infringed?
A #1
B #4
C #2
D #10
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What is bail?
The amount of money paid to get out of jail unti your trial starts.
Money paid to get out of jail.
Money paid to your lawyer.

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What does the 5th amendment promise citizens?
The right to remain silent.
Freedom of speech.
The right to a free attorney/lawyer.
The right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, the right to go before a judge within 72 hours.
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What amendments deals with jury trials?
A #1 and #2
B #6
C #6 and #7
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What amendment goes back to the colonists feelings of persecution from the British undering the "Quartering Act"?
A #3
B #4
C #2
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What does double jeopardy mean?
A A don't try this at home.
B A person cannot be tried for the same exact crime twice if found innocent.
C The right to speak out against the government.
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What are three ways the police may search your home?
A Owner's permission, a search warrant, probably cause
B If the crime is bad enough and the house looks messy
C If the police know the owner's son committed a crime 10 years ago
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What amendment "covers" powers allotted to the people of the United States, that might not be covered by the Constitution?
Amendment #10
Amendment #9
Amendment #1
Amendment #4
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The following is worth 10 points.
Answer the following...
Because, but, so...
"The Bill of Rights protects American citizens"
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