Westward Expansion
by Angie McClanahan
| 11 Questions
1 pt
Select ALL that apply to reasons for Westward Expansion.
Discovery of Gold
Free land to settle
Free money
Free home
1 pt
Indian removal legislation was supported by which President?
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
James K. Polk
Andrew Jackson
1 pt
What is Manifest Destiny?
1 pt
Why did Mexico want settlers to come settle in Texas?
They wanted to bring in American customs.
They had a low population in that part of Mexico.
They wanted to make Texas a state.
They wanted people to help fight Indians.

1 pt
The main trail used to go West was
Santa Fe Trail
Utah Trail
Conestoga Trail
Oregon Trail
1 pt
Choose ALL of the land which was acquired during the presidency of James K. Polk.
Mexican Cession
Midwest States
Oregon Territory
1 pt
Why was the Battle of the Alamo important? Select the BEST answer.
All of the Americans were killed.
Santa Anna proved he was an excellent military leader.
It reminded Texans how their people had been killed by Santa Anna.
It was the last battle in the War for Texas Independence.
1 pt
The people who made the most money during the California Gold Rush were...
miners who struck it rich
bankers who handled the miners' money
people who sold land and supplies
entertainers who came west to entertain miners
1 pt
The land won by the U.S. in the Mexican-American War was known as....
Mexican Cession
Mexican land
The Southwest
The Oregon Territory
1 pt
How long did it take for a typical wagon train to go west?
1 - 2 months
3 - 4 months
5 - 6 months
1 year
1 pt
Describe the experience of the Donner Party?
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