Federalists vs Anti-Federalists
by Nicole Dillin
| 5 Questions
1 pt
Name one well-known Federalist.
1 pt
Name one well-known Anti-Federalist.
1 pt
What did the Federalists want?
A The state government holds most of the power, but the federal government has the power to tax
B No federal government
C Strong federal government but power is split between the federal government and the states
D No state governments
1 pt
What were the Federalist Papers?
A There's no such thing as the Federalist Papers.
B Essays written by Founding Fathers talking about the Articles of Confederation
C A couple letters sent between two famous federalists about the Constitution
D A set of anonymous letters/essays trying to get support for the new Constitution
1 pt
Who wrote the Federalist Papers?
A John Jay
B James Madison
C George Washington
D Alexander Hamilton
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