Gym membership
by Benjamin Wischmeier
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Note from the author:
Performance task
Carlo wants to join a gym. The gym offers three membership options.

Option 1: Pay as you go - Pay only $6 each time you work out

Option 2: Regular Deal - Pay $50 a month and $2 each time you work out

Option 3: All-in-one price - pay just $100 per month for unlimited use of our great facitilites

1. Carlo thinks he will go to the gym about 20 times a month. Which of these options is the least expensive for Carlo? Show how you deteremined your answer.

2. How many visits each month would make the cost of the Regular and the All-in-One price the same? Explain how you figured it out.

3. It costs $300 to join the new Superfit Gym. You then pay $15 each month and $2 each time you work out. Carlo think he will use the gym about 20 times each month for a year. Calculate the cost of using the Superfit Gym for one year.

4. How much will Carlo save during the first year if he uses Superfit Gym rather than the Regular deal at the other gym?

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