Opinion Essay-Should School Start Earlier
by Charles Johnson
| 4 Questions
Which idea from the first passage explains why students would do a better job with homework if school started later?
A “School should start later in the morning.”
B “. . . students would be more interested in their classes.”
C “. . . they wouldn’t be as tired at night.”
D “Let half the students come at the normal time.”
Which statement from “Don’t Change!” BEST supports the opinion that starting later is NOT a good thing?
A “Some students would probably like the idea.”
B “There might be little money left. . . .”
C “. . . the school day would be shorter.”
D “There is an old saying that is very wise.”
With which sentence would the authors of BOTH articles agree?
A Most students become bored with doing their homework.
B What is good for students is the most important thing.
C Homework is more important than sports activities.
D Getting up early is the best thing for all students.
Now that you have read “School Starts Too Early” and “Don’t Change!” and answered some questions about what you have read, create a plan for and write your opinion piece.

Before you write, be sure to:
• Think about ideas, facts, definitions, details, and other information and examples you want to use. • Think about how you will introduce your topic and what the main topic will be for each paragraph. • Develop your ideas clearly and use your own words, except when quoting directly from the passages. • Be sure to identify the passages by title or number when using details or facts directly from the passages.

Now write your opinion piece. Be sure to:
• Introduce your opinion. • Support your opinion with reasons and details from the passages. • Give your reasons and details in a clear order. • Use words, phrases, and clauses to connect your ideas. • Have a strong conclusion that supports your opinion. • Check your work for correct usage, grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

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