Formative Training Example (2017)
by Stephanie Howell
| 9 Questions
Note from the author:
3 pts
Ant image question
Draw a black circle around THREE things which suggest that the maniacal educator is happy. (3 marks)
2 pts
IMAGE 2 Question
Underline (in any colour) the two spelling errors in IMAGE 2. (2 marks)
3 pts
Which THREE of the four options below are vital in order for educators to survive a typical Monday morning.
Select three ONLY. (3 marks)
A Drinking coffee.
B Drinking more coffee.
C Not forgetting to charge your Mac or iPad.
D Roses are red, violets are blue.
1 pt
At parent evenings, teachers can solve any problem by simply making eye contact with the various mothers and fathers. (1 mark)
1 pt
What day is it today? (Write only the day beginning with a capital letter). (1 mark)
Watch the short video below and answer the 'final' question which follows it.
1 pt
What do the children shout out in the video? (1 mark)
A Weekend, Baby!
B I love homework!
C English is awesome!
D I love my educator more than chocolate...said no child ever!
Check out (and try to answer) the question types below which are available with Formative Premium:
7 pts
It is commonly known that educators are superheroes!
Put the below items into the correct category (which define us superheroes as opposed to the average human!) (7 marks)
  • Superhero qualities
    Answer by dragging items here
  • Average human qualities
    Answer by dragging items here
1 pt
Using the graph, write ANY equation on the graph to show that you understand how this could be applied in your own lessons. (1 mark)
Look at the different Formative functions and question in the image below and then answer the essay question that follows.
1 pt
After observing the different functions of Formative, how will you use it for your subject/lessons?
The best answers will win some Formative swag! (100 marks!)

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