Little Blog on the Prairie— Comprehension
by Esteban Martinez
| 5 Questions
Read the following questions carefully. You may look back at the selection to help find the answer to each question.
What is the setting of the story?
A at a camp near Laramie, Wyoming, present day
B in the town of Laramie, Wyoming, present day
C at a camp near Laramie, Wyoming, long ago
D in the town of Laramie, Wyoming, long ago
How is Genevieve going against the rules of the camp?
F She is using shampoo.
G She is listening to music.
H She is talking to her friends on her cell phone.
I She is sending text messages about her experience.
Why did the chickens attack them?
A They were not kind to them.
B They fed them too close to the door.
C They kept them too close to the house.
D They did not feed the chickens and put them in the coop.
Which word would Genevieve NOT use to describe their experience?
F annoying
G funny
H unfair
I unnecessary
What did Genevieve do when she heard a noise while working in the field?
A She started singing.
B She started dancing
C She started running
D She crouched down
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